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Way Down Yonder Beignets & Coffee

About us

Yonder Miller born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana was given the blueprints of successful entrepreneurism, by both her parents and grandparents. From daycares, to night clubs, cemeteries and more, she watched them manage their business affairs along with everything else life threw at them. Yonder saw firsthand, the importance of hard work and dedication coupled with integrity and ingenuity.

Fast forward to 2016, Yonder began to develop her own hands as an entrepreneur with selling delectable desserts from her home. This business took off quickly and the demand for her treats skyrocketed. In 2017, her mother along with her support brought Way Down Yonder New Orleans Finest Restaurant to Columbus, OH who began it start at the Columbus Food Hub on Oak Street. Yonder’s desserts came along for the ride. The business grew quickly and the residents of Columbus, Ohio fell in love with their offerings.

As time moved on, Yonder noticed that out of all the dessert options she offered, her specialty beignets were the shining star. With the pandemic in full swing, Yonder had a moment to reflect on her past accomplishments and future dreams, from which came the idea to expand the Way Down Yonder Brand. With beignets being a New Orleans staple that Ohioans seemed to really enjoy, she decided to create the brands newest concept, Way Down Yonder Beignets & Coffee. It was Yonder’s desire to continue her family’s mission to share the rich and unique culture of New Orleans, Louisiana with as many people as possible. There is something very special about the southern hospitality, French inspired, jazz mecca that is New Orleans and Way Down Yonder Beignets & Coffee is thrilled to share that with the city of Columbus!

What is a beignet? Beignets are square shaped pastries, soft, fluffy, sweet centered, sprinkled with Powdered Sugar and other delightful toppings. A sweet treat to experience that is nicely paired with our own signature Coffee that has tasting notes of brown sugar, hazelnut and plum. Beignets are Always served cooked to order Fresh & Hot. Guests can expect an upscale French style themed café, cozy, friendly, & welcoming environment with drive thru service and both indoor and outdoor seating. Yonder invites you to experience Great Vibes, Great Company, and take your mind away to a place that is full of Love & Culture!